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In the generator for local growth, we believe that there should be a place of pleasure, beauty, joy, independence, paying close attention to the local physical and human conditions and the positive qualities that exist there.
 We believe in planning and ecological work in a holistic perspective that allows a space of quiet and contemplation into ourselves, as creatures connected to the earth and the environment, now and for generations to come. 

Our approach to planning and action is holistic, systemic, multi-functional, connecting human-earth-environment Based on observation and inspiration from natural systems, and patterns that exist in our world and have been working for thousands of years "effortlessly". We perceive sustainability as a concept that combines man, society and the environment, and provides a response to these three levels, emphasizing the integration between them and understanding that true growth combines all three.

What ?
From this perspective, we create projects, training programs and social, ecological and educational projects around which experiential, empowering and educational activities take place, which are built from the unique needs and resources of every place we work in, and every person we train, while developing their independence.
We build and support the formulation of the common dream, the planning, the concept of the activity, the implementation and operation, and the reflection and celebration phase of the process. To so we combine leading professionals in the various fields of sustainability in order to motivate, support, plan and lead programs. , Companies and training local growth leaders at all levels. City by City Neighborhood by neighborhood, school by school, student by student and the whole fabric of life is changing.
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Our Phone Number +972-(0)52-3216068
 Bnei Efraim St., 205/2, Maoz Aviv, Tel Aviv

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